Sep. 8th, 2009


Sep. 8th, 2009 07:44 pm
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Another con over with. *SOB* And another Firo/Aya leaving me. Taking her to the airport today was depressing as hell. And she forgot her little Graham standee DX

But overall, it was a good convention. Only two people under the age of thirty knew who I was--come on people Trigun isn't that old. But we delighted a lot of Asian tourists wandering the streets of downtown. Plus it was nice to be in a cosplay I could actually move in.

Took Aya to the Baccano! photoshoot, which was AMAZING. Two Issacs and Mirias. Two Firos--Aya's was the best. A Graham, who could fit her wrench into her jumpsuit, which was epic. A Jacuzzi, an Ennis, and a Ladd. One of the Issac and Mirias brought Baccano! bars for the cast XD I think Aya still has hers.

Let's see... Masquerade was fun. Had the Autobot symbol painted on my boobs for all to see. Actually managed to attract a lot of attractive male cosplayers. SCORE FOR ME. Except now my legs are in agony thanks to the heels. Scored an Altair, an Abel Nightroad, an Umbrella agent, and a couple guys just in suits and masks. Abel put on a fake English accent, which he did fairly well! I win.

Got... couple dollar Transformers comics, an Autobot pendant, chibi Abe Sapien, Hellboy, a Dark Horse comics bag, and a present for [ profile] saffire_persian which I intend to oggle a big more before I send it off to her. Was tempted to run back and grab a little poster thing with Komui on it, but it had Kanda too, so I vetoed THAT idea.

Aaaaand... Oh yeah.

Placebo won Best Drama.

Good Con everyone.


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