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So... Thanksgiving was good. Second Thanksgiving was its usual writing mass of innuendos, terrible jokes involving subjects I shouldn't mention lest I inadvertently upset someone I like, and crazy ass food served up in all its leftover glory.

Regular Thanksgiving would have been wonderful had it not been for the sudden, abrupt medical bomb that was dropped upon me and my unsuspecting brother.

As luck would have it... my maternal grandfather recently has had a, and I quote, "series of strokes".

Plural. Strokes. Plural.

So that... put a damper on the evening.

I'm overreacting, I guess, as I do to most things. He's doing fine, aside from some memory loss and vision issues. Hell, my brother and I never noticed anything was out of the ordinary until it so casually came up over pie. And I guess I should take this as a testament to the fact that my grandfather is a badass, or... something. But God. It's scary.

I've been extraordinarily lucky in my life to have never lost a family member that wasn't a feline. I'm grateful for it. And the thought of losing one of them scares me, as I'm sure it does anyone.

I know I don't exactly have a right to complain or be upset. But I am. So... I'll just be selfish for a few minutes, and go under my desk.

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It's not selfish to feel down about the thought of losing a family member, and I certainly don't think it's overreacting to freak out when you find out about one of them having medical problems. Family is important to you so of course it's going to make you worried when things like this happens. ♥

All that being said, I'm really happy he's okay and I'm sorry it had to rain on your Thanksgiving-food-is-awesome parade for a bit.

*FLIPS THE FUCKING DESK* *FOAMS* ... *gives hugs forever* ♥

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I guess I just feel like I'm bothering people with personal shit XD; But thanks, Spooky. I appreciate it.

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Aw, hon. It's not selfish at all- believe me, I know how you feel.

If you ever need to talk, you know where to find me. ♥

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Let's run away together okay? ;-;

♥ Thanks.

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*clings* ♥

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/joins under the desk

You're not being selfish at all.

The idea of losing a family member is a terrifying one, and you certaily have the right to be upset over what happened, even if he is doing well now.


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Like I said... I guess I just feel... whiny or something when I say anything about my problems. Lots of people have it worse, so...

But, thanks ♥