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The easy part was convincing Kagerou it was a good idea. It was always easy to convince his partner to do something if he asked a certain way, stood a certain way, and promised it would be absolutely nothing like the time with the peanut butter -- which apparently the other ninja still harbored a well-earned grudge over. It was admittedly a terrible plan, in retrospect, but that was beside the point now.

"Just once," Kagerou had said, finally relenting. He craned his neck around, looking back to where Shadowmaru was working at the joints on his wings, all but massaging them back into working order. "We can try it once. If it's so important to you."

It was all the agreement Shadowmaru had needed to take the matter up with the third party in question. A friend, a partner on several missions. And one who, admittedly, was always fun to see flustered. Though, with any luck, he could phrase the proposition in a way to prevent it from happening too severely. He'd approached in as casual a manner as possible, leaning against the BP's desk, rather than sitting on it, the smooth smile already in place. He was greeted politely enough. There was even a vague flicker of approval in green optics -- something like a smile in return. Good. His voice dropped, changing from pleasantries to suggestions, and his frame shifted in the way he knew always attracted Kagerou's attention immediately.

"You... you wish to what?"

But Duke only stammered, dropping his pen onto the desk, as if Shadowmaru had suggested something obscene. The ninja's smile faltered for a moment.

"I was made to promise it would only be once," he said, waving a hand, as if this were of no consequence. "Just a taste, hm? Nothing more."

"Is such a thing -- can we even do that?"

Dark shoulders rolled in a lazy shrug. "I don't see why not. But! If you don't wish to..." He let the sentence trail off, half-turning, hands resting almost absently on his hips. If his partner had been here, he was sure to have earned a roll of the optics for this little performance. But! He knew what he wanted. And after all the work of getting Kagerou to agree, there was no way he was letting this go so easily.


The lazy smile turned to a smug grin. He glanced back, questioning.

"I'll... I'll try. If you insist."

They agreed to meet that night. Shadowmaru returned to his shared quarters all but strutting, beaming, and immediately settled back to work on Kagerou's wings, both in triumph and in preparation. The other ninja didn't even need to ask. He shook his head, sighing, and leaning into the touch. He still seemed apprehensive, but after a long few hours of those hands on the tense, sensitive joints, he seemed to warm up to the idea.

"What did you say to convince him?" he asked, as the hour drew nearer. It was his turn to attend to Shadowmaru, working polish along the slats of the other's wings. "I thought he'd have refused on principle..."

"Oh, you know. I'm very convincing when I must be. One has to be delicate with English sensibilities, you know. Too forward and they drive away. I was... creative... with my wording, shall we say?"

"I see."

Shadowmaru's turn to crane his head around and stare at his shadow, suddenly concerned. "You sound so skeptical. He's coming, isn't he?"

"I'm just not sure how well your innuendo will work on someone you've never tried it on before..."

"Bah, you worry too much," Shadowmaru assured him, reaching around to pat Kagerou's cheek, his grin returning. "It works on you, doesn't it?"

"Yes, but I know you -- he's new to this."

As if on cue, the door cracked open, a white frame peering around it. Both of them straightened up, expectant, engines already beginning to hum a little in anticipation. The light was already dimmed, the room carefully, selectively darkened for the occasion. Both of their frames were polished, and they sat, waiting, on the low table serving as a bed. Duke hesitated, again, before taking a few more cautious steps into the room. He held something in his hands, fidgeting with it. Only when Shadowmaru spread his hands, preparing to invite him over, did he thrust the object forward.

"Here," the knight said, looking up, his head suddenly held high and proud. "I brought the bread."

The anticiplation in the room abruptly fizzled out. Shadowmaru's pleased expression vanished, replaced with a look of utter confusion. Behind him, Kagerou bit his lip, glancing away as his frame shook with restrained laughter.

"You... what?"

Duke continued offering the little bag of bread to the ninjas, though the pride on his face was fading, quickly. "You... said you wished to invite me to a 'ninja sandwich', didn't you?" he asked. "I thought it best to contribute..."

Choking noises from behind Shadowmaru indicated Kagerou could no longer keep his reserved front in place. He had his head bowed, hand clamped to his mouth, his wings shivering in the air. He made no attempt to help his partner untangle the mess his attempt at innuendo had made, leaving Shadowmaru awkwardly fumbling to explain himself, growling vaguely under his breath about English sensibilities.

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