Sep. 8th, 2009 07:44 pm
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Another con over with. *SOB* And another Firo/Aya leaving me. Taking her to the airport today was depressing as hell. And she forgot her little Graham standee DX

But overall, it was a good convention. Only two people under the age of thirty knew who I was--come on people Trigun isn't that old. But we delighted a lot of Asian tourists wandering the streets of downtown. Plus it was nice to be in a cosplay I could actually move in.

Took Aya to the Baccano! photoshoot, which was AMAZING. Two Issacs and Mirias. Two Firos--Aya's was the best. A Graham, who could fit her wrench into her jumpsuit, which was epic. A Jacuzzi, an Ennis, and a Ladd. One of the Issac and Mirias brought Baccano! bars for the cast XD I think Aya still has hers.

Let's see... Masquerade was fun. Had the Autobot symbol painted on my boobs for all to see. Actually managed to attract a lot of attractive male cosplayers. SCORE FOR ME. Except now my legs are in agony thanks to the heels. Scored an Altair, an Abel Nightroad, an Umbrella agent, and a couple guys just in suits and masks. Abel put on a fake English accent, which he did fairly well! I win.

Got... couple dollar Transformers comics, an Autobot pendant, chibi Abe Sapien, Hellboy, a Dark Horse comics bag, and a present for [livejournal.com profile] saffire_persian which I intend to oggle a big more before I send it off to her. Was tempted to run back and grab a little poster thing with Komui on it, but it had Kanda too, so I vetoed THAT idea.

Aaaaand... Oh yeah.

Placebo won Best Drama.

Good Con everyone.
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So, for Christmas, I received the entire G1 series of Transformers. You know, the horrible, plot-hole ridden 80's series with the glorious voice talents of Peter Cullen and Frank Welker. Where Starscream constantly undermines Megatron's authority, and Megatron is just badass enough to disregard him each and every time... yet still come out making Starscream look like an idiot.

But when I put the first DVD in today, I came to a horrible realization.

The entire thing... was in... CHINESE.

Of all the languages, it had to be in CHINESE. Japanese, I could have gotten by. Chinese, I have no bloody clue WTF anyone is even remotely saying.

I was about ready to cry, but my Roommate saved the day with the Audio option on my DVD player. I think I need to like, bake her a cake or something. Now I can enjoy all my beloved robots before the 80's movie killed them off.

sdfdskj Ironhide was such a hick XD A gun-toting hick. God I ♥ him so hard.




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